Top Furniture Auckland Design Trends

Classic furniture is one of the things that create the impression to your guests. Speaking of the best house, furniture speaks volumes about your home. It points at your personality, taste and your values, so be careful to choose the right furniture. Here are some furniture auckland trends that you might want to consider when planning to upgrade your home furniture.


Everyone appreciates the classy nature of furniture, and it is clear that beauty lies in glamour. If you are not quite sure of what you need, you can opt for opulent furniture that if full of lavishness. Create that unique and wow feeling in your house today with glamour.

Let your outdoor furniture indoors

You can move those deck chairs in your patio into the living room. Creating a classy feeling requires that you do extraordinary things, so be keen to arrange your aged metals, glass, wicker furniture to make living room look unique and inspiring. We are going to see more and more of outdoor furniture being shifted to indoors as a design trend in the years to come.

A shift to Custom Made Furniture

Being unique is a huge asset and this is what many wealthy people use through personalized furniture designs. While custom-made furniture can be expensive, they can be less costly and affordable to the average people if well done. Custom is easily noticeable and creates a unique spark in your home. In 2016, we will continuously see the growth of custom furniture and personalized touch in many homes.

Cultured Furniture

Culture is part of people and you can make your home look and feel classy by inviting a foreign culture into your house. Cultured furniture can bring an inspiring and less cluttered arrangement while complementing the already existing designs in your home. Choose patterned upholstery and high quality wooden furniture that points at your style.

Metallic Leather furniture design

Allow your furniture to create that sparkle in your house by using metallic styled materials. Blending your furniture background with striking silver and gold finishes will help create a different feeling in your living room. If your room is dressed in dull materials, then you can bolster the look and bring life into your room. These metallic materials will create a lasting impression on your visitors.

Statement Dining Tables

It feels good to have a family dinner or sharing a meal with friend, but why not send a signal to your family and friends with a glamorously classy dining room tables. You can embellish your dining room with unique bar stools made of wood. The wood could be light toned and you can contrast white chairs with any of the modern-day styles to create a class of your own.

Technological Furniture

As technology continues to sweep the world, many people are beginning to incorporate technology into their choice of furniture. We will continue to see a trend in which furniture styles are made in a manner that facilitates the use of smartphones and other devices. Let your furniture meet technology by customizing your furniture to handle all the devices such as USB charging ports, Hi-Fi systems, and video connectors. This furniture design trend is also common in home spas and relaxation joints such as restaurants.